My Feminism Looks Like… Adwoa

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 13.04.331. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Name is Adwoa, I am Ghanaian and I feast on the elixir of life: the souls of bigots. It nourishes me. Makes my hair thicker, skin sleeker, tongue sharper and pussy finer. I run the blog and I’m a recent law school graduate. My only life goal is to reduce human suffering while maintaining personal happiness.

2. Who’s your favourite feminist?

My favorite feminist differs depending on how I feel on that day. Today it is former head of state of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara. Because Sankara did what no head of state has ever done, center women’s liberation as a foundational and necessary part of Burkina equity.

3. What is your take on pornography?

I support sex work. And I acknowledge the unjust economic institutions, that monopolize resources in ruling class men’s hands, such that their sexual desires are fulfilled with the ability to offer disadvantaged people money. Additionally, pornography normalizes and sexualizes racist violence against women.

4. What’s your take on sex positivity?

Pussy on fleek.

5. How do you usually respond when people ask why feminists are so angry?

When you tell oppressed people not to be angry, you dehumanize them. You essentially argue that we should accept our subordinate social position with grace. Women are violated intimately by those who are socialized to view our bodies as objects for their fulfillment, systematically by unjust institutions that rob us of social, cultural, political, economic and sexual equity. Yes feminists are angry, and we are righteously so.

6. Thoughts on body-shaming?

“I am upset that your body doesn’t look like I desire. So I seek to demean you” If you don’t cater to your own ashy genitals

7. Thoughts on transphobia?

Transphobia kills. It destroys, it is cholera inducing putrid gutter water personified.

8. If you had to spend your life doing a job that advances feminism what would it be?

Teacher and lawyer.

9. What one word describes you as a Feminist?

Glitter pussy (two words because sometimes your identity transcends the set boundaries)

10. Would your country be receptive to a Feminist political party?

No, and that’s why we need one.

Adwoa spends most of her days chatting about Feminism in Ghana over here:

Personal Twitter

Ghanaian Feminism Twitter


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